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Wanderlust..."the love of travel!"


Wanderlust is a word derived from German, roughly translating as "love of travel" in English. Others consider it to be a simple compound of wander+lust.

One of the words comprising "Wanderlust" is "wandern", a verb roughly meaning "to hike", although it is different from the English meaning of the word. The German word "wandern" is more akin to a leisurely, highly enjoyable jaunt in the outdoors, while the English connotation of "to hike" is more akin to something that's strenuous, difficult and challenging.

"Lust" in English takes on a meaning akin to "passion" or "desire", although the word in German also has the connotation of "delight" or "zest".

Wanderlust is a cultural attribute of the Germans that is readily apparent to anyone who spends time in Germany. The Germans, as a people, love the outdoors and highly value pristine, undisturbed natural surroundings, and attempt to keep human disturbances to a minimum. It's not uncommon for one to see regional trains in Germany on weekends packed with hikers wearing their Wanderschuhe (hiking boots).

To the English speaker, "wanderlust" means something close to having the itch to travel, to get out and see the world. It's not quite the same as in German, but the ideas of embracing an urge to get outside and move are roughly equivalent.

The term Wanderlust in German sounds old-fashioned today. To retranslate the English Wanderlust in the sense of "love of travel" into German, the expression Fernweh is more appropriate.  Whatever the phrase you choose to use, Aplus tours is happy to help you plan and execute your traveling needs.


Whether your sense of adventure takes you on a bus charter with your organization, on a raft rental float trip through Knights Ferry or Oakdale, camping, or an individual bus tour to a casino, you have come to the right place at Aplus Tours. Please visit our family of travel companies and experience the wonder of travel and adventure.